Trending Jobs in Canada

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Trending Jobs in Canada

Confused about your job opportunities in Canada? Well, the demand for jobs keeps changing and the courses you need to opt-in for studying abroad need to be monitored. Job trends in any part of the world keep changing. So, all you need is a good educational consultancy that keeps up with the trending jobs in Canada. This is why, finding the right course, at the best university, will push you to succeed in your dreams. 


Trending Jobs in Canada - Study Abroad
Trending Jobs in Canada

IT Jobs in Canada

Tech-based corporations turn out to be essential to improving the GDP of any country. Innovations and a brand new global tech via technology create jobs with high pay along the process. With an increasing workforce, the focus has shifted onto VPNs, log management, in addition to cloud-based safety tools. Because of social distancing and isolation measures, online retail and e-trade have come into the principal focus. These are anticipated to develop exponentially as online buying receives extra popularity.


 Data Science Jobs – Canada

When it comes to Data Science, Canada would be the right choice to study abroad. The growth of the population in Canada is increasing steadily and there’s much-unprocessed data that needs to be taken care of. This is the major reason why Data Science is in global demand. The evident new space for Data Science has excited the eye of technophiles, however, young marketers have technologically pushed to global progress. Data Science Jobs in Canada are a few of the pinnacle 15 occupations in need at least till 2023.

Software Developer in Canada

Software developers are in the most demand amongst tech professionals. Employers across the world are trying to carry in software program developers for writing, modifying, and integration. Coding and programming abilities continue to be in excessive call for throughout Canada, mainly in view of the Canadian employers upgrading their e-trade abilities and software program as a part of their COVID-19 response.

Network Engineer Jobs in Canada

Checking that community equipment, inner and external, in addition to servers are well managed, a Network Engineer guarantees that each one runs easily. As a part of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program of Canada, the Global Talent Stream gives client-targeted providers for supporting Canadian employers with professional skills. The Stream is for developing corporations in Canada that require specialized overseas scaling up and development on a worldwide scale.

Masters in Canada

Masters in Canada is an in-demand academic program amongst college students globally. The Canadian academic System follows a unique training wherein the student becomes ready for the tech competition. As a result, the graduation rate in Canada crosses 75%, and the unemployment rate in Canada is as little as 5-7%. Just this data is enough to get your bags packed for Canada. 

Once the students complete their PG in Canada, there are a wide variety of possibilities that open up for these aspiring students. The students need to get the Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP) within ninety days of course completion which makes them eligible to work across the nation. From this point, life gets easier with better payments and secured life.


  • BSc in Data Science
  • BSc in Computing and Network Communications
  • Bachelor of Information Technology 
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Computing Science
  • Masters in Science 
  • Master of Fine Arts 
  • Masters in Engineering
  • Master of Technology

Universities in the most important towns provide extensive ranges of Master’s and Bachelor’s diploma subjects like

  • Art
  • History
  • Neuroscience,
  • Accounting and
  • Software Engineering.

Courses that can be to be taken into consideration are Degrees in Economics, History, Finance, Pharmacy, and Engineering

Human Resources & recruitment Officers in Canada

Businesses grow, and thus, there is a relative increase in the demand for people. Recruitment Officers play a major role to fill the job openings made available in Canada. In professional fields like engineering and technology, the demand for recruiters is very high. A recruiter trying to build a career path in Canada is required to have a bachelor’s degree in a field like human relations. A recruiter can improve their chances by registering as a professional recruiter, also by being a member of the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada

There are presently lots of enterprise management jobs in Canada, simply ready to be snatched up, and supplying pretty appealing salaries too! You’ll find job opportunities in finance, commercial enterprises, marketing, and human assets in manager positions within 12 months. As a Business Administration graduate, your alternatives are limitless and you can locate yourself operating in any of Canada’s top-rated industries. But after four years of study, making the transition from scholar to professional lifestyles may be daunting.  You may now be confused about the occupations that could be applicable to you. All of these confusions can be sorted out by your own educational consultancy at Cochin.


  • Diploma in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration

MBA in Canada

  • MBA jobs in Canada range from 20,500 CAD to 112,000 CAD, primarily based totally on the specialization and the college you select.

So what is unique about pursuing an MBA in Canada?

  • About eleven universities in Canada feature in the Financial Times World 200 rankings. 
  • MBA rankings (2021) state that almost 6 enterprise facilities & universities in Canada rank withinside the world’s top 100. 
  • All 20 common business schools in Canada rank in the top 200 according to Global MBA Ranking statistics. 
  • The Canadian authorities welcome huge business startups, which in turn grow the demand for MBA aspirants.

Hospitality & Tourism Jobs in Canada

Hotel Management in Canada

Hotel Management in Canada gives numerous courses, for you to pick from. It is forming one of the pinnacle searches for hotel management universities on the internet. Moreover, Hospitality control is one of Canada’s quickest developing industries. Hotel management courses abroad give exposure to the front and back-end work of companies. There are professional opportunities in the field of hotel control. Canada as a tourism enterprise is well-developed, which is why you could take advantage of cross-cultural communication. Likewise, Canadian universities provide numerous publications on Hotel Management in Canada if you want to pick out from them. Some of the related courses are as follows,


Why Canada for your studies Abroad?

Canada is famous amongst Indian college students for its outstanding academic systems. The place is one of the finest in the world for careers abroad. Apart from the elegant centres and professional teachers, Canadian schools offer an attractive backdrop – “the opportunity to get employed”. Moreover, a legal permit is all you require to discover these opportunities.

Firstly, Canadian universities provide well-defined training, resulting in top global university recognitions. In the second place, flexibleness regarding attendance, path requirements, and assignments are a major advantage making it easier for the students abroad.  In addition to that, three Canadian towns viz. Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary fall in the top 10 “Most Liveable Cities” in the world. This highlights the fact that Canada is one of the best places to pursue your dream jobs abroad.

Studying Abroad

People are often confused about choosing a course to study abroad and its benefits. Studying abroad gives a greater variety of courses. This also enables you to increase your horizons and opens up to global academic opportunities. Pursuing a course in distant places alerts employers that you have the courage, flexibility, and cultural focus. These assumptions can help you get positive feedback from employers.

As a study abroad consultancy in Kochi, we keep track of all of the factors that students who wish to pursue their career abroad must consider. We can guide you on what must be focused on to get the preferred results. Studying overseas enables you to study new tactics to deal with distinctive situations. It also allows you to manage time among your research, part-time jobs & enjoy worldwide forms of teaching. This in turn helps you cope with a sophisticated crowd. 

Moreover, a pupil visa can be implemented on your own and Educational consultancies can accurately assist you. Such study abroad consultancies will guide you through the visa process & opportunities. CLIFTON STUDY ABROAD Consultancy will be your pleasant educational consultant in Kochi with 100% visa fulfilment.

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