Top 8 Reasons Why Study In The UK Is Important?

April 4, 2019by admin

The UK is the favourite destination of many people in the world not only to pursue studies but also to work, earn money, get PR and citizenship. People feel attracted towards the country for several reasons like food, culture, tradition, language, education, job opportunities etc.

Whether you are an immigrant or an international student, you get equal opportunities like everyone, including in the health and government areas.

There is no need to wonder when a large number of students choose the UK as the place for studying bachelors or master’s program. The UK is a country that provides a high standard of education with better living conditions. That’s why the international students’ satisfaction rate is highest and it is increasing rapidly.

Well, this is not the exact reason. There are plenty of reasons why study in the UK is important to everyone, especially to international students.

Come with me. Let’s go and find out what they are

World’s Best Ranked Universities

Studying in the UK means you are studying in a world’s best known and top ranked university. Most of the UK universities are regularly featured at the top of ranking league tables. University of Oxford and University of Cambridge are the 2 universities that secured 1st and 6th rank in “The Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2021” out of 1500 universities across 93 countries and regions across the world. This made both the universities as the largest and the most diverse university ranking to date.

Internationally recognised degrees and qualification

If you are dreaming of studying at a university with a great academic reputation and value for money, then no need to look further, the UK is the best place to take bachelor’s or master’s degrees. 

The UK universities provide a high standard of education with excellent quality. 

When you gain a degree from UK universities, the chances of getting jobs are high because the certificates are internationally recognised by all the universities, employers, and government bodies in the world.

Short courses

In the UK, it is easier to complete a degree program than in any other country as the duration of the course is short.

For example,

You can complete a master degree program in the UK within one year when compared to the US or Canada without compromising on the quality, standard, value, etc.

And the biggest advantage is that since you graduate sooner, you don’t have to pay or spend a huge amount of money on tuition fees, accommodation, living, or any other expense. Another advantage is that tuition fees of an undergraduate or postgraduate program (depending upon the university) is also more affordable in the UK than in any other English-speaking country.

Highly standard educational quality

The UK universities offer a wide range of programs in different areas like healthcare, business and management, art and design, finance and accounting, science, engineering etc. People sometimes get worried about getting a foreign country certificate by paying huge amounts as tuition fees. 

But you don’t have to worry if you choose the UK as the place to study, work or live.

Because the quality and value of education that all the UK universities provide are of high standard without any compromise. This means that the certificate which you get whether it’s an undergraduate, postgraduate or research program is 100 percent worth the money. That’s why the international student population in this country is increasing each year.

Work and study

Did you know that, like other countries, you can work and study in the UK? International students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during study time. You are also allowed to work for 40 hours during break time and holidays. 

Working while studying is a great advantage to all the students as they can meet the daily expenses from the average wage they make. There are students who pay their next year’s tuition fees from this amount.

When you start to earn by yourself you don’t have to worry about any expenses like living, grocery, mobile, transportation, etc. If you are a person who took an educational loan, you can save some money for paying it. 

An advantage is that you will get many references and contacts. You can also add these work experiences to your resume. So, chances of getting a permanent job after you graduate are high.

If you are not able to find a field related job, then it’s ok. At Least you can say that you already have worked somewhere and you can continue that or find a new job in the same area.

Scholarship, healthcare benefits and financial support

International students get a lot of benefits when studying in the UK. Most of the students are eligible to get scholarships in the universities when they meet the requirements. There will be some amount of reduction in the tuition fees which is a relief to all the international students and their families. 

Even there are institutes and courses which do not want the IELTS requirement to join. Some universities provide grants, bursaries or scholarships to students who showed excellent academic performance.

Also, there are institutes that provide healthcare benefits to international students. You will get free medical treatment and medicines from the National Health Services (NHS). This is for all the students doing full-time courses.

Learn and improve your English

Studying, working, or living in the UK will change your lifestyle and the way you speak English. You will be connecting to many different people around the world in college, hospitals, libraries, offices, shops, restaurants, etc. English is the most spoken language in the world, so fluency in the language is a great skill to have as you move forwards in your career. 

If speaking in English is a nightmare for you and you are looking for a chance to remove and gain confidence, then the UK is the best place for you to learn and improve your language and communication skills.

Welcome cultures around the world

There were lots of international students who arrived last year from more than 180 countries. Among them, the Indian student’s group is the 2nd largest group of students in the UK. Studying in the UK means you are getting an opportunity to explore and experience many things such as culture, food, place, people, language etc. around the world, the UK welcomes and consider everyone as same without any difference 

Also, as a new person in a country like the UK, your parents sometimes get nervous, especially if you are a student. So, knowing someone who speaks the same language is a relief to them. Your parents will be very happy when they see you in a safe environment surrounded by good people. In the UK, you don’t have to be worried or get concerned about any health, climate, job, study, or law-related issues.

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