Study in UK – The Reason Behind All The Indian Students’ Preference.

April 2, 2019by admin

Studying abroad is a dream of many students. Because most of the universities and colleges offer wide variety of courses in the name of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students get a chance to pursue their studies in foreign countries which is not a small thing. They are getting plenty of opportunities to grow and develop their career in different areas.

 Countries like Canada, Australia, U.K. (United Kingdom), New Zealand, Europe, etc. are some of the countries where people wish to study. The teaching style and the atmosphere are entirely different when compared to our study system. Students get more practical experience than theoretical classes which makes them improve their skills and knowledge in a particular field.

 For example,

 In a course like nursing, the way the subject is taught is by mixing both theory and practical classes but when it comes to reality, students have to deal with lots of practical sessions like assignments, projects, internships, exams, etc. They also have to participate in some of the single and group discussions, presentations, projects, etc.

 Doing practicals alone or in a group makes students more confident to attend cases and to consult patients in real life situations.

 This is almost the same for most of the courses. Whether it’s a healthcare program, creative and designing program, technological program, or anything, studying abroad and experiencing more practical knowledge will only change your life by making you perfect.

 As mentioned above, there are many countries that accept international students all over the world. Foreign universities and colleges are willing to accept students and guide them.

 Mainly Indian students are getting a lot of opportunities to study abroad. Especially in a country like the United Kingdom or the U.K., you can see many Indian students studying various programs in different places.

 You may wonder why the U.K.? What is special about it? 

Well, there are many facts about the country which are not fun, interesting, exciting, mysterious or unbelievable, etc.

 So, Here We Go…

  • Consumption of tea among the British people is higher when compared to other countries and it is the most famous drink in the U.K.
  • More than 300 languages are spoken in the city of London.
  • In May 1840, the first postage stamp was designed and created in the U.K. which was also featured in the Queens Victoria
  • Chicken Tikka is the most popular and national dish of the U.K. It is made with an Indian recipe and it is voted by most of the British people. You can also see lots of Indian Restaurants here. Other dishes are sausages, roast beef, and Yorkshire beef.
  • English is the official language of the U.K. spoken with various accents throughout different parts of the country.
  • The most famous “Harry Potter” novel writer J.K. Rowling was the first writer to ever become a billionaire.
  • Until 1877, Oxford University lecturers were not allowed to get married and it is the oldest higher education institution in the U.K.
  • Many people in the U.K. have claimed and witnessed some monster or weird and mysterious creatures in the past. For example, some people have heard the voice of women roaming the streets in the night surrounding the London Bridge. Also, there are stories of “Loch Ness” or shortly Nessie, a large, deep, freshwater monster or creature based out of the lake in Scotland.
  • There is an interesting story behind the tiny sculpture in London which is of two mice fighting over a piece of cheese. Two builders ended up in a quarrel for a sandwich which was then eaten by a mouse at the time of monument construction.
  • Selling alcohol to children under the age of 18, killing a swan, committing suicide, etc. is illegal in the U.K. and also there was a time when the king raised taxes for people with a beard.
  • Some trash cans were removed from the city of London as it was the tracking point of dropping weapons by terrorists and has experienced many attacks.
  • The most popular game in the U.K. is football and there are around 100 football clubs across the country.
  • The official language of the U.K. was French and that lasted for almost 300 years ( from 1066 to 1362).
  • Free health care coverage is provided to the citizens by The National Health Service in the U.K
  • People from Art, Music, Painting, Architecture, literature, etc were awarded a medal for their work as Art was considered an Olympic Game.

 Why do Indian or International students want to study in the U.K.?

 Well, the U.K. is one of the countries where many people feel at a home, especially for Indians. Universities have the best and latest method of teaching style with modern technology and facilities. Most of the universities in the UK are ranked in the International university ranking list. They maintain excellent educational quality to all the students, equally by providing high standard academic topics with experienced faculties. 

You can also see people from different countries and multiple cultures, especially when the universities are filled with international students. So, there is no doubt that the UK is the second most popular destination for overseas students in the world. 

“It’s always good to learn and study with people from various cultures”. Do you know why?

Because when you mix with different people around the world, you learn many things. Not only related to studies but also about many things like food, culture, tradition, language, life, etc. 

If you are studying a particular course in the UK, you will graduate very soon without compromising the quality of learning as the duration of the course or program is shorter than in any other country. Also, the educational system in the UK focuses more on practical classes whereas Indian education gave more importance to theoretical classes.

The UK also stands for getting higher employment opportunities. All the International students are allowed to work for 20 hours when they are studying or in college and 40 hours during the time when the college shut for summer break. Working while studying is a good thing. You can earn money that can be used to meet your daily or weekly or monthly expenses. Some programs have internship or placement options which can then lead to a permanent job.

“This money or wages are like pocket money. When you start to earn by yourself, sometimes you don’t feel like spending a lot, so you can use this money as a savings and can be used for later”. 

Health and Financial Benefits in the UK is also good and happy news for all International students. They get financial support in the form of scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Living costs in some cities of the UK are less when compared to other countries.

“Always research about the area before staying. It’s better to live in shared accommodation only if you want and think that you can adjust”. 

Moving or shifting to a different location is not easy. Most of the rentals contain a lease agreement. So, if you are a person who wants some privacy or loves to stay alone, there are lots of options for that too. Living on a college campus is good but can cost a lot. This means that the amount of money you will need to cover the cost of living depends upon where you stay.

Also, the International students studying full-time programs in the universities or colleges of the UK are eligible for full health care under NHS. Some universities or colleges provide college insurance which is valid at certain clinics. Sometimes you have to pay some amount with the visa fee to get health insurance. This happens when you apply for a student visa and varies depending upon the universities, college, cities, or province.

Now, it’s clear why Indian students prefer to go to the UK for higher studies. Not only this, there are a lot more things behind the choice like food, shopping, transportation, climate, crimes, etc. The UK always welcomes International students with all their heart and it’s 100 percent safe for everyone when compared to other countries. So, as an Indian student, dreaming about the UK for studying, working, or staying permanently is always the right decision.

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