Study in UK without IELTS

Study in UK without IELTS!

Now you are planning to do your master’s in the UK? Now the UK offers 50,000 Courses and there are many universities in the UK. There is a total of 90 universities that come in the QS world ranking and among the 90, 4 universities make it to the top 10 and 4 more in the Global Top 50.
In the UK, you can do under-graduation or post-graduation in the top university and you can study any course that meets your eligibility. most of the international students go for the most job-oriented and or short-listed job courses. The courses that help the student career-wise.

It is very important to have a job that suits you and your educational background. Here are some of the most popular courses that you can study in the UK without IELTS.
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Business Studies
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Healthcare Related courses
  • Information Technology

We’re discussing eligibility. Students frequently ask themselves, “Am I eligible for this particular course at this particular university?” Let’s imagine a student who has finished a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering wants to study information technology in the United Kingdom. Of course, the student is qualified. When a student wants to shift streams, say to the healthcare field, he may not be eligible.

Furthermore, IELTS is the next stumbling block. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a global English language assessment system. This approach now assists in determining whether or not a pupil can read, write, speak, and understand English. The Duolingo English test and the PTE are two examples of English proficiency tests. When it comes to studying abroad, particularly in the United Kingdom and Canada, IELTS is the most widely accepted test.

Students must primarily demonstrate their ability to read, write, understand, and communicate English to a certain level and the students are willing to attend the university IELTS is one means of demonstrating your language ability, but there are many others. However, the students must conduct some investigation to determine whether or not the alternative approaches are acceptable. Specifically, they must check the university’s or course’s entry requirements.


Study in the UK without IELTS!

The UK as we saw above has many universities and we know now that we have many methods of proving our language skills.


Here are some more ways in which a student can study in the UK without IELTS.


  • For doing an Undergraduate program in the UK, If the student has done their high school in a school where the subjects are taught in English, and the entire schooling was in English and if he/she can prove to the universities in the UK that he/she did their schooling in English by providing a certificate indicating that he/she did, then you don’t need and IELTS.


  • The same goes for students who want to pursue a master’s in the UK. For the master, however, their under-graduation is a big step. If the students can also prove if their under-graduation was done in an English-speaking college, where the modules and the program were entirely taught in English. Then they might not need the IELTS.

Why is our language so important to the university?

Because… all they need to know is if the student can take an English-taught course. The United Kingdom is an English-speaking nation… As a result, the institution expects students to be able to communicate in the language both in class and in everyday life. You can study in the UK  without IELTS.


  • Interview, now some universities conduct an interview. What is this interview basically about? Well, the interview is mainly conducted to understand if the prospective student can comprehend the language up to a certain level. This is a rare occurrence. The interview can be one on one interview or a group discussion sort of a deal. The topics can be general.


  • Some universities check your previous scores in the language. As in the high school or the undergraduate scores. All the university seeks is if they can speak the language and understand the language.


  • The next thing is, some universities ask for alternative English proficiency test scores. As in they don’t expect you to do IELTS, but they expect you to do Duolingo or PTE and those scores are also accepted.


One thing to note is that even if you apply to a university where IELTS is not mandatory, you still need to prove that your language is good to a certain level. Then the UK government would provide the student with a student visa.


You can study in the UK without IELTS. Some universities in the United Kingdom admit international students who do not have an IELTS score.

  •  University of Plymouth
  •  University of Portsmouth
  •  Swansea University
  •  University of Warwick
  •  London Southbank University
  •  University of Greenwich
  •  University of Central Lancashire
  •  Aston University
  •  Northumbria University
  •  Robert Gordon University
  •  University of Bolton
  •  Birmingham City University
  •  Riga Technical University
  •  University of Northampton
  •  Sheffield Hallam University

You can study in the UK without IELTS. The most important thing to remember is that before applying to a university for a certain course, a student must first examine the prerequisites for that subject. A study may have the ideal background and experiences for the course, but that alone is not enough. The English requirement is the most important consideration for a student. It is necessary to examine whether the college will accept students without IELTS if they take IELTS, how much the band should be, and so on.

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