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Study Abroad Without IELTS 2024

November 15, 2021by Cliftons Study Abroad

International students can now study in the UK, Asia, and also in many more places study abroad without IELTS in 2024. Most students are still unaware that they have access to a large number of international universities that accept students Without IELTS or TOEFL. You can just send a copy of your university’s English Language Proficiency Certificate.

These are well-known universities that offer full-fledged scholarships to international students. Due to the global COVID crisis, most universities have also cancelled IELTS and other exam requirements. Also this is a great opportunity to seize these possibilities and save your future.

What is an English Proficiency certificate?

The English proficiency test compares pronunciation language competence to native speakers’ pronunciation, grammar, fluency, and lexical stress. So the test aids in the detection of key errors in sentence correction, sentence reading, and spontaneous speaking.

What is IELTS?

The International English Testing System or IELTS is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English speakers. Also IELTS is one of the major English language tests in the world.

What is TOEFL?

Test of English as a foreign language test (TOEFL) is a standardized test to measure the English language ability of non-native speakers. Wishing to enrol in English-speaking universities. TOEFL is one of the two major English language testing in the world other being the IELTS.

How are TOEFL and IELTS Evaluated?

TOEFL is evaluated on the basis of scores, scores that range from 0 to 120 points. There are 4 sections which are listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Each section is graded out 30 points. Hence 4 sections, each out of 30, and altogether the test is out of 120.

IELTS on the other hand is similar just like TOFEL. IELTS also has four sections and the grading is almost the same. Where is the difference you may wonder? Well, it’s a band, there is no minimum scoring for IELTS. Bands range from 1 to 9, band 1 is for those who failed to attempt the test. The universities have their own threshold.

Study in the UK without IELTS/TOEFL in 2024

Study Abroad Without IELTS














IELTS is the first step or the first hardship that all international students face. They need to have a minimum score if they want to join any university. IELTS is very important for your stay in the United Kingdom. But there are alternatives to this. In some universities, they allow international students to study or get admission Without IELTS/TOEFL in 2024.

So that by checking with these universities, you will know if IELTS is a necessity or not! Now, what are the alternatives to IELTS?

Some universities consider your high school marks as in the English language. If your score in English in 10th and 12th is higher than 60%, there is a chance that some universities in the UK might consider just your score than IELTS.

Some of the Universities where International students can study abroad without IELTS/TOEFL in the UK in 2024

  • Sheffield Hallam University.
  • The University of Warwick.
  • The University of Basel.
  • Birmingham City University.
  • The University of Bristol.
  • Audencia Nantes School of Management.
  • Riga Technical University.
  • The University of Geneva.
  • London Southbank University.
  • Northumbria University.
  • Robert Gordon University.
  • The University of Bolton.
  • The University of Northampton.
  • The University of Plymouth.
  • Portsmouth University.
  • Swansea University.
  • The University of Greenwich.
  • The University of Central Lancashire.
  • Aston University, Birmingham.

Pathway Programs

 Pathway programs are designed to help overseas students develop the skills, information, and certifications they’ll need to enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s degree program. These programs usually last one academic year and do not result in a diploma.

 Pathway program helps the International Students  acquire skills like;

  • Help them build necessary language skills
  • Help them get some time to fix the most suitable master’s program
  • Help them get a better admission to a good university.
  • Helps them adjust to the place.

Many universities in different countries, such as Germany, the United States, and Australia, provide pathway programs for students who want to follow a course at the university of their choice. Students who do not complete the course requirements might use pathway programs to prepare for a variety of disciplines ranging from English to academic subjects. The duration of these courses is usually 9 to 15 months. So that Pathway programs might assist you to get into a university if your high school diploma isn’t approved for direct entrance to an undergraduate or graduate degree program. Pathway Programs help the students to select a course from a university in which they can study without IELTS/TOEFL.


Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity that should not be limited by language proficiency barriers. By understanding the options available and preparing strategically, aspiring international students can unlock doors to quality education worldwide, even without the IELTS requirement. Explore your possibilities, break linguistic barriers, and embark on a transformative academic journey tailored to your ambitions.

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