Are You Worried About IELTS? Can’t Find an Institute Or Tutor?

September 13, 2021by admin1

Here is our expert’s advice on preparing for the IELTS at home.

Going abroad, getting a foreign graduate certificate, working and living in another country, visiting many places etc is a dream of many people and at the same time preparing for IELTS and scoring good marks is a nightmare. But why?

IELTS is a language test and the fear of getting targeted scores is high. Especially due to Covid, people are tired of finding good institutes and tutors. People do not want to spend a huge amount. They don’t want to go out and waste their time.

So, what should they do now? Without any help how do they get better results? 

Don’t worry, we can help you to prepare for the IELTS at home by yourself.

As you know IELTS means International English Language Test System which evaluates your proficiency in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. The band score is the total score you obtained in each section which ranges from 0 to 9. The IELTS/ OET/ PTE/ TOEFL score accepted by the universities or colleges in countries like UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland etc. is different, and it depends upon which type of program you chose whether it’s a graduate program or post graduate program.

Now you may think that “do I really need to prepare for IELTS with an expert or Can I prepare it by myself” ?

The answer is simply YES

Going outside, finding an institute or tutor, spending and wasting a lot of money and time is not a right choice in this pandemic situation. There are many center’s which provide online training or classes for students with excellent faculties. Some tutors also give training without any fixed timings.

Are you concerned about the fees? 

Well, you will get many IELTS books that are available both online and in bookstores in the market. You will also get PDF versions and a lot of YouTube videos and audios online. This allows you to prepare at any time, especially during the free time.

So, Is it enough?

Well, here are some tips and tricks that one must follow while preparing for the IELTS exam at home or by yourself.

Let’s look at what they are:-

  • Always plan and make a calendar for each day.

This is a very simple and basic tip for everyone, as it is very helpful and useful not only for the IELTS exam but also for people who are preparing for any kind of exams, projects, assignments etc.  Planning your daily routine means you are balancing your life. Make a calendar, mark each and every important thing on it.

For example, if you chose to finish one module or one task in the morning or evening, you will definitely follow the same. 


You will complete and meet your deadline on time.

  • Start your day with something fresh

It’s a common sentence and everyone is familiar with it. Starting your day with something fresh doesn’t mean that you have to start by eating or drinking something fresh and healthy.

Of Course, You can.

But here I mean something to get energy or feel energetic.

Try to wake up early and do some exercise, meditation, walking, swimming or any kind of physical activity. You can also have your favorite morning coffee or tea by listening to music, reading, playing, making paintings or even with any type of hobbies. This will help you to relax both mentally and physically. It will also avoid some sorts of  psychological problems and make you feel and prepare you to face many challenges.

  • Practice Daily

You may be thinking how can I practice daily if I’m working or studying somewhere as I don’t have enough time. Change your mind and the way you think. You have got plenty of time. You don’t have to practice for the whole day but you can spend at least 1 hour daily for any one task right.It could be listening, speaking, writing or reading during morning or evening or anytime. Whichever is easy for you, do that during the break time or spend 1 hour daily.

For example, 

  • SPEAK to a friend or in front of a mirror.  During your free time it’s  a good way to practice. It will make you more confident and improve the way or style of speaking to others. It will also avoid stage fear or even fear of public speaking.
  • READ something daily. No need to complete an entire book a day but you can finish a few pages. Note, mark and underline catchy or important sentences and words. Find out the meanings, synonyms,  or antonyms of both familiar and unfamiliar words.WRITE something daily by keeping a time frame. It will increase your writing speed. This will help you to complete the task on time and you will get more time to proof read or check the answers again. You can also add or erase a few words or sentences by the time you want.LISTEN to music, BBC news, speech or movies. Without the subtitles try to understand the meaning and pronunciation of the words. Language is not important. You can listen  to any country langues. Listening by giving full concentration will only improve your power to concentrate and listen at the same time. And listening to the English language improves your ability to pronounce and spell words without any grammar errors.
  • Try to create questions by yourself. 

For speaking, you can expect any kind of questions. So prepare it by yourself. Ask yourself about your childhood memories, dream, favorite, book, author, music or anything. Make short stories about what makes you happy or think about the situation, how you behave, what you did, if something interesting happened or not. Try to avoid sad ending stories.

You can also follow the same method for writing tasks. No matter whether it’s academic or general, you can write as much as you want about anything but remember to count words and not to cross the limit.

For example, a writing task is usually to do something like a paragraph for a pictorial represented question or to make an essay which should include an introduction, body and conclusion. This is for academics, if you chose general, then for the writing task 1, instead of a pie chart or flowchart or a graph, you will be asked to write a formal or informal letter for your friend, colleague,  parents or anyone. 

  • Never get tense and don’t wait for the last moment.

Dont be lazy. If you want to change something, start now.Waiting for the last moment will only end up in losing opportunities, time and money. Also don’t get nervous or stressed during the exam. Keep in mind that it’s just a language exam. We all started learning English from childhood onwards. So no need to fear about it and also remember this is not the end.

If you didn’t meet the required score, IT’S OK. 

Everything is a LUCK and you have enough time. Convince your mind that “It was not the right time so better luck next time”. And yeah, you have to pay the fees again to write the exam but think that everything happens for a reason and to get good things or moments.


  • Planning your day doesn’t make you imperfect, it will only help you to do things perfectly.
  • Think positive and say that everything happens for a good reason.
  • Get confidence and show that on your face by always keeping a beautiful smile on your face.
  • Take a break and don’t put pressure on yourself which can affect your both mental and physical health later.
  • Ask or contact people who have prepared for the IELTS exam before but don’t believe everything because each person’s experience is different.
  • Do not waste your time and miss any chance. Watch Youtube videos or references from the internet.
  • Please don’t or try to avoid repeating words, use synonyms and antonyms instead.
  • Always remember to “PRACTICE” and “LEARN” something new daily


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