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Top 5 Scholarship Benefits of Studying Abroad:

April 2, 2024by admin

Are you planning to study abroad? Are you thinking about how having a scholarship can benefit you? Here in this guide, we can help you with all the information. 

Studying overseas provides unparalleled learning and cultural experiences. However, the high costs involved pose difficulties for many aspirants. Scholarships go a long way in enabling international education by reducing financial barriers. Here are the top 5 benefits scholarships offer students planning to study abroad:

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How Scholarship Can Benefit You While Studying Abroad?

Below are the reasons that show how having a scholarship can prove to be beneficial for you while you pursue your course abroad.

1. Reduced Tuition Fees

Overseas university tuition fees are substantially higher compared to domestic rates. Scholarships help offset these costs significantly.

High International Tuition:

  • Average international undergraduate tuition at reputed foreign universities ranges from $20,000 to $50,000 per year.
  • Postgraduate programs further escalate average annual tuition costs to $35,000 to $70,000 globally.

Tuition Fee Waivers:

  • Partial tuition fee waivers awarded through academic/talent scholarships lessen financial burden.
  • Full tuition scholarships fully subsidize university fees, making top-ranked programs affordable.

Cost Savings Scope:

  • Savings from even one-year scholarships can fund entire undergraduate degrees more economically.
  • Multi-year scholarships potentially reduce lifetime education spending abroad manifold.

This enables aspirants to choose programs at flagship universities worldwide instead of limiting options due to affordability concerns alone.

2. Reduced Living Expenses

Besides tuition, living abroad involves sizable expenses like accommodation, food, travel that scholarships may also cover.

Additional Costs:

  • Living costs averaging 30-50% of tuition annually are hefty additional investments.
  • Unplanned expenses such as medical emergencies remain a budgeting concern.

Living Allowances:

  • Cash allowances covering living, books or boarding help offset living costs substantially.
  • Stipends sometimes cover regular living alongside tuition remission.


  • On-campus housing, and varsity meal plans partially funded are further useful provisions.

This frees up finances to focus entirely on education rather than part-time jobs or debt to manage living abroad.

3. Emphasis on Academics

Scholarships advocate excellence by prioritizing academic achievements over finances. This nurtures a growth mindset.

Selection Criteria:

  • High entry requisites consider past academic records, and leadership accomplishments rigorously.
  • Standardized test scores and interviews assess capabilities objectively.


  • Awards bearing university/sponsor names raise the credibility of recipients’ capabilities.
  • Association with top programs motivates outperforming to uphold excellence.


  • Financial Dependence reduced through scholarships enables devoting fully towards studies.

This encourages holistic development benefiting students, universities and society through merit-driven education access.

4. Career Opportunities

Scholarships link recipients to esteemed networks amplifying post-education prospects.


  • Winning selective scholarships boost the confidence and competitiveness of candidates.
  • Prestigious affiliations impress future employers and open recruitment avenues.


  • Sponsor interactions during programs lead to invaluable industry exposure and references.
  • University and donor alumni networks empower career networking and guidance.

Talent Identification:

  • Scholarship awardees prioritize their own intern/job placement programs where possible.

Overall, scholarships pave the way for global exposure opening lucrative multi-national career trajectories.

5. Social & Cultural Immersion

Besides academics, international living brings unparalleled social-cultural learning experiences. Scholarships enhance these too.

Reduced Distractions:

  • Financial support frees time from part-jobs, allowing full cultural assimilation.
  • Stress over costs does not hamper campus involvement and local community engagement.


  • Program affiliations fund attendance in international conferences and exchange programs.
  • Initiative participation helps interact globally and widen perspective multi-fold.

Well-Rounded Growth:

  • Holistic scholarship criteria evaluate candidates’ initiative in campus clubs and social activities.
  • Recognition inspires actively enriching university life and representing institutes proudly.

In essence, scholarships maximize the benefits of overseas education through an all-rounded personally transformational experience.

5 Scholarships That Help Indians Study Abroad…

Final Thoughts

To conclude, scholarships for aspiring international students are invaluable. They reduce financial barriers through tuition waivers and living aid. Critically, they also promote academic excellence, diverse connections, early career opportunities and immersive cultural exposure alongside cost savings. This transforms overseas education from a distant dream to an achievable and enriching reality. If you are looking to know more about the same, then you can connect with the experts at Cliftons Study Abroad. Connect now!

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