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Here’s List Of Countries That Brought Recent Changes In Study Visas

March 8, 2024by Ebyn jose

Studying abroad has become increasingly popular among Indian students in recent years. Several countries have introduced reforms to their study visa policies to attract more international students. This guide provides an overview of the key changes made by popular study destinations like the US, UK, Canada, Australia and others. Understanding these policy updates can help students make an informed decision about pursuing higher education overseas.

United States

The United States remains the top study abroad choice for many Indian students. In 2023, the US introduced some changes to enhance the integrity of student visa applications.

Now, F, M and J visa applicants must provide accurate passport information for their profile and appointment scheduling on the visa portal. Any discrepancy can lead to the rejection of visa centre appointments, resulting in the loss of the visa fee.

This measure aims to curb instances of fraudulent applications. It underscores the need for students to carefully fill in details and double check them. Filing incorrect information may impact visa approval chances.



Canada saw issues like acceptance letter fraud impacting some students in the past. Recently, the Canadian government implemented reforms to address such concerns.

Designated learning institutions submitting student permit applications now need to directly verify each applicant’s acceptance letter with immigration authorities. This enhances vetting and ensures only genuine letters of offer are considered.

Additionally, Canada will reassess the criteria for the widely used Post-Graduation Work Permit. The changes are aimed at better aligning the program with regional economic needs.

From January 2024, the minimum proof of funds for student visa applicants also increased substantially from 10,000 to 20,635 Canadian dollars. Students must adequately plan finances as per the new norm.


United Kingdom

The UK remains a top study abroad destination with hundreds of thousands of international students annually. However, the new Conservative government recently announced some restrictive changes.

International students can no longer switch to work visas until completing their degree course. Also, a ban on overseas students bringing dependents was imposed, except for research scholars.

Further, the UK raised the study visa application fee for students to a considerable Rs. 51,787. Graduates are also uncertain about the restoration of the 2-year post-study work permit scrapped earlier.

These measures aim to cut overall immigration numbers. Students need to closely check rule modifications impacting their prospects to work or live long-term in the UK post-graduation.



With a robust international education sector, Australia has seen steady growth in Indian student enrollments in recent years. However, the country has tightened some entry requirements now.

The English language test score mandate for temporary graduate and student visas increased from IELTS 6.0 to 6.5 and 5.5 to 6.0 respectively. Additionally, visa applicants must prove accessible savings of at least AU$ 24,505.

These changes were rolled out to strengthen the credentials of students coming to Australia. Sufficient English fluency and financial backing are essential to cope up with academic standards.


Other Countries

Several other popular study abroad destinations also updated their policy frameworks with key implications for Indian students. Here are brief highlights:

  • France expanded the post-study work visa duration from 2 to 5 years for Master’s degree holders.
  • Ireland allows 2 years of post-study employment for Bachelor/Master’s graduates and 3 years for PhD holders.
  • Italy permits an additional 12 months stay after degree completion for job searches.
  • New Zealand accepted the IELTS ‘one skill retake’ option to meet language requirements.
  • Germany introduced the 3-year long term residence visa for skilled professionals including graduates.

Complying with reforms and understanding implications early on can facilitate a smoother visa application process for aspiring international students.


Tips for Strong Applications

In light of policy overhauls, students need to thoroughly research program-country fits as per their credentials and ambitions. Some other important points to consider include:

  • Begin preparation well in advance by improving language proficiency through formal classes and self-study.
  • Score well in standardized admission tests like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL to strengthen applications.
  • Consider early application deadlines and start the process at least 6-12 months before intended travel.
  • Seek guidance from dedicated study abroad advisors, and discuss visa requirements and strategies.
  • Verify documents like educational certificates, ID proof, and financial records are in order.
  • Draft tailored personal statements highlighting reasons for desired course and country.
  • Maintain active social media presence reflecting key interests and extracurricular activities.
  • During interviews, project a clear understanding of course details and post-study goals.

Following a structured process and submitting accurate, thoughtful applications can boost prospects of favorable visa decisions.


Financial Planning

Studying overseas entails substantial costs including tuition fees, living expenses, travel etc. Strong financial backing demonstrates Immigration can be financially independent. Key aspects to consider are:

  • Research tuition costs of target universities, and factor in yearly inflation percentages.
  • Check standardized minimum income requirements set for major recipient countries.
  • Funds can be through scholarships, educational loans, personal savings or collateral of parents.
  • Maintain bank statements or salary slips of self/family as proof of funds.
  • Consider cost variations between metropolitan and small cities within a country.
  • Budget fairly for transportation, accommodation, books, utilities and other non-academic expenses.
  • Apply early to competitive national or university scholarships to lower costs.


Post-Graduate Options

International graduates have a variety of career and further education options in the destination country or beyond:

  • Use the study country’s post-study work visa to gain international professional experience.
  • Pursue a doctoral degree at a reputed university to advance in your field of research.
  • Return to India and apply skills and global exposure in multinational companies.
  • Explore permanent residency and citizenship pathways if interested in immigrating.
  • Consider emerging economies like Singapore or UAE presenting various opportunities.
  • Keep professional and academic networks active through virtual for prospects.

Careful selection of courses aligned with market requirements and aptitude can maximize the career benefits of an international higher education. Leveraging the right options is crucial for long term growth.

Final Thoughts

The globalized work environment presents exciting opportunities for skilled international graduates. While pursuing quality overseas education, it is advisable to keep abreast of the latest visa policy reforms to avoid facing impediments in host countries. Planning well in advance keeps document requirements and finances on track. With diligent preparation and meaningful career planning, international students can make the best of their study abroad journey. If you need any assistance in the process, then you can always knock on the doors of Cliftons Study Abroad. Good luck!

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