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5 Destinations for Indian Students to Pursue Their Study Abroad Journey In 2024:

March 2, 2024by Ebyn jose

Studying abroad has become increasingly popular among Indian students as it provides greater opportunities for experiential learning and global exposure. With the growing internationalization of education, there are many excellent options for Indian students to pursue quality higher education overseas. However, choosing the right country and institution is important. Therefore This guide discusses 5 top destinations that have been attracting large numbers of Indian students in recent years.


The United States

The US remains the most preferred study abroad destination for Indian students due to its world-class universities and long-term career prospects. It is home to 8 out of the top 10 universities globally as per QS World University Rankings 2024.


  • Universities: Ivy League institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford are globally renowned for academic excellence across diverse fields including STEM, business, arts and humanities. Other top universities attracting high Indian enrollment include the University of Illinois, Purdue University, the University of Texas etc.
  • Programs: Undergraduate (bachelor), postgraduate (masters, MS, Ph.D.), professional degrees (MBA, JD), certificates/diplomas. Popular programs include computer science, engineering, business, and healthcare.
  • Costs: On average, international students pay higher tuition fees ranging from $30,000-50,000 annually at public universities and $50,000-70,000 at private institutions excluding living expenses. However, scholarships are available based on academic merit and need.
  • Post-study plans: Optional Practical Training program allows students to work for up to 3 years in general or stem OPT thereby gaining valuable work experience before returning to India or applying for an H1B work visa through employer sponsorship.


With over 6.5 lakh Indian students, Australia is currently the second most popular study abroad destination after the US. It offers a high quality of living and diverse opportunities.

  • Universities: Top 40 Group of Eight universities include the University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, Monash University etc known globally for research. Also popular are RMIT University, Griffith University, Curtin University etc.
  • Programs: Undergraduate, and postgraduate coursework and research degrees across 200+ programs in various disciplines like Business, Engineering, IT, Healthcare, Science etc.
  • Costs: Average tuition fees for international students range between AUD $25,000-40,000 per year for undergraduate and postgraduate programs excluding the cost of living which is moderately high in cities.
  • Post-study plans: After completing an eligible course, students can apply for a 2–3-year post-study work visa to gain work experience through the Australian Government’s Post-Study Work Stream.
  • Scholarships: Various national and institutional scholarships are available to deserving students.



With among the lowest tuition fees globally, Germany is emerging as an attractive low-cost European destination for Indian students.

  • Universities: World-renowned universities include the University of Heidelberg, Technical University of Munich, RWTH Aachen University, University of Freiburg etc. Well-known for STEM programs.
  • Programs: Taught and research-oriented programs at Bachelor, Master and PhD levels across 200+ state-run universities which are mostly tuition-free. English programs are also available at the graduate level.
  • Costs: No tuition fees for degree programs at public universities. Students need around €7,000-8,000 per year for living including accommodation, food, books, travel etc.
  • Post-study plans: A recently introduced 3-year residency permit allows graduates to find jobs in Germany and gain crucial skilled work experience.
  • Scholarships: DAAD and Erasmus Mundus scholarships are popular options to fund the costs of studying in Germany. IITs also offer dual degree programs.


United Kingdom

Home to some of the world’s top-ranked universities like the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and University College London, UK has a strong appeal for Indian students.

  • Universities: A pool of over 90 universities including Russell Group institutions offer diverse academic programs in a conducive learning environment.
  • Programs: Undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD and professional courses spanning various fields like business, engineering, arts, sciences etc. Popular ones are MBA, MS, and MA.
  • Costs: Approximately £10,000-40,000 per annum for international students based on university and course type. Living costs can be £850-1200 per month in cities.
  • Post-study plans: Ability to work for 2 years post-study under new graduate routes introduced recently. Option to later apply for a work visa or settlement.
  • Scholarships: Chevening, Commonwealth, IAESTE international internships to support obtaining a UK qualification.


With an inclusive multicultural setting and emphasis on immigration, Canada has emerged strongly for Indian students in recent years.

  • Universities: World-ranked universities are the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia known globally for academia and student experience.
  • Programs: Diverse programs offered at undergraduate, master’s and PhD levels across 200+ institutions. Popular areas are STEM, Business, and Healthcare.
  • Costs: Average tuition fees for international students range between C$15,000-40,000 per year depending on your program of study excluding the cost of living between C$10,000-18,000 annually in cities.
  • Post-study plans: However Post-Graduation Work Permit Programme allows graduates to gain critical work experience by working full time for up to 3 years after the program completion.
  • Scholarships- Various scholarships like Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship for PhD are available to fund education and research in Canada.


Choosing a Program

When selecting a program and destination, students must research career relevance and prospects thoroughly. Some key factors to assess include:

  • Field of interest – Evaluate top university rankings and programs as per your preferred discipline or future education plans.
  • Professional/ career goals – Analyse the long-term potential of obtaining a globally recognized degree, the scope of industry applications, internship availability etc.
  • Costs – However Compare estimated tuition fees and living expenses rationally against funding and scholarship opportunities.
  • Post-study work plans – Study immigration policies enabling stay back, work, further education and residency options.
  • English language requirements – Assess IELTS/TOEFL minimum scores required and proficiency level expected in classrooms.
  • Cost of living – Research accommodation, travel, food, and utility expenses annually across targeted cities within a country.

Application Process

Planning the application process right is essential for securing admission offers. So Some recommended steps are:

  • Create long term education roadmap and deadlines for each application component in a calendar year
  • Research program prerequisites, required test scores, and documents to be submitted on priority
  • Approach counsellors for guidance to shortlist universities as per profile and budget
  • Prepare well in advance for standardized entry tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS/TOEFL
  • Draft tailored, compelling statements of purpose for each university separately
  • Arrange strong recommendation letters from professors, and employers during application season
  • Submit applications 3-6 months in advance complete with financial documents
  • Follow up diligently regarding application status, interview calls, and admission decisions

Financial Planning

Financial backing demonstrates stability crucial for visa approvals. With costs going up due to inflation, budget planning is important. Key tips are:

  • Open a foreign currency account to save funds for tuition, stay fees and emergencies
  • So Research scholarships, educational loans, savings schemes for international students in India
  • Consult university funding opportunities like assistantships for postgraduate programs
  • Factor in annual tuition fee hikes, living costs of preferred cities, health insurance premiums
  • However Save for mishaps, miscellaneous fees, rent deposits, initial settling down expenses
  • So Maintain meticulous bank statements, and salary records of self/parents/sponsors as evidence
  • So Minimize the impact of currency fluctuations through timely transfers

So Choosing the right destination aligned with budget, program interests and career goals is key to a rewarding global academic experience and future. With diligence and preparation, many doors open up for Indian students internationally.



However, An international education is an excellent way for Indian students to gain multicultural exposure, expand their horizons and boost their career prospects. While pursuing your overseas degree, make the most of campus immersion programs, internships and networking opportunities. In other words With prudent research, strong application strategy and financial planning, many world-class education options across the discussed five top destinations become possible to pursue. If you desire to pursue in any part of the world mentioned above, then you can consider taking the assistance of professionals at Cliftons Study Abroad and have it all sorted. Good luck!

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